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Sermorelin ipamorelin peptide blend are human growth hormone-releasing peptides (GHRH) that stimulate the pituitary gland. Together, sermorelin and ipamorelin can help in the treatment of age-related conditions such as osteoporosis, obesity, and chronic inflammatory diseases. Indeed, the benefits of ipamorelin and sermorelin are impressive.

Before you buy sermorelin ipamorelin blend, let’s take a further look into what this peptide blend actually is and its benefits. To continue learning more about sermorelin/ipamorelin blend, read on.

What is Ipamorelin Sermorelin Blend?

Both peptides are known as GHRPS (growth hormone releasing peptides). As we get older, our HGH levels decline. As a result, we are more likely to suffer from the effects of aging – both physically and mentally. Sermorelin ipamorelin peptides work together to stimulate receptors in the pituitary to release more HGH. In turn, this leads to a natural increase in HGH levels.

Clinical studies show that Ipamorelin and sermorelin combined can treat patients suffering from low growth hormone deficiencies by naturally promoting HGH production and release. However, because it is not legal to buy ipamorelin and sermorelin for human consumption, it is not yet available as an over-the-counter treatment.

Recent studies show that using sermorelin ipamorelin together can promote increased energy, better sleep, faster healing, and cellular regeneration. But there are many more positive health effects of using ipamorelin and sermorelin together.

Sermorelin vs Ipamorelin

Which is better ipamorelin or sermorelin? Sermorelin and ipamorelin are two very similar compounds made up of long chain peptides. The only difference between sermorelin and ipamorelin is the number of make-up of the chain’s amino acids.

Both peptides are synthetic versions of a GHRH known as ghrelin, a 28-amino-acid peptide which stimulates the release of human growth hormone.

Fortunately, whether used separately or combined, these two peptides come with very few negative side effects. While each peptide might interact with different receptor sites in the pituitary, it is clear that these two used together offer powerful effects without any safety issues.

Alone, both prove effective in treating patients with low-level GHD. As for the ipamorelin vs sermorelin debate, there is no one set answer. In fact, we encourage the combination of them both. Combining sermorelin and ipamorelin therapy yields the best results.

Sermorelin Ipamorelin Blend Benefits

According to research, the sermorelin + ipamorelin program offers powerful effects in treating age-related conditions. While the therapy is currently only used for research purposes, scientists are eagerly investigating sermorelin ipamorelin results in humans. So far, the sermorelin/ipamorelin blend benefits look good.

In a nutshell, ipamorelin sermorelin results include:

  • Heightened energy levels
  • Enhanced sex drive
  • Decreased body fat
  • Enhanced lean muscle mass
  • Better, high-quality sleep
  • Faster recovery from workouts
  • Boosted collagen production and skin elasticity

Researchers conclude that regular administration of a medium to high sermorelin/ipamorelin blend dosage can improve health, energy levels, and promote an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Studies also show that sermorelin combined with ipamorelin can promote longer-lasting releases of HGH. And more effective ones at that!

Sermorelin Ipamorelin for Muscle Growth

Scientific evidence suggests that growth hormone secretagogues like ipamorelin sermorelin combination may reduce the breakdown effects that glucocorticoids have on muscle mass.

Research in rats[i] displayed a decrease in nitrogen wasting in the liver when given glucocorticoids. They also showed improved nitrogen balance following sermorelin ipamorelin administration.

A primary side effect of glucocorticoid use is muscle wastage. By using sermorelin ipamorelin stack, it can counteract muscle catabolism and be hugely beneficial for patients who take glucocorticoids.

Of course, this is not an over-the-counter available therapy just yet, but it does indeed look promising.

Ipamorelin Sermorelin Effects on Heart

In a 2016 study[ii], pigs were given sermorelin ipamorelin following a heart attack to investigate the effects. The research showed that the peptides helped to:

  • Reduce cell death in cardiomyocytes
  • Upsurge the growth of blood vessels to damaged tissue
  • Lessen the production of substances that cause inflammation
  • Increased production of extracellular matrix components – required for healing

Current research[iii] is exploring the benefits of ipamorelin with sermorelin in other forms of heart disease such as valve disorders and heart failure. Sermorelin ipamorelin treatment can also reduce the scar mass following a heart attack, as demonstrated in scientific graphs. Clearly, this duo can do a lot of good for the human body.

Sermorelin Ipamorelin Blend Side Effects

Fortunately, there aren’t many sermorelin ipamorelin side effects. Scientists consider it a safe peptide therapy. However, due to insufficient evidence of its safety, it is not approved by the FDA. Still, you should be aware of potential side effects of sermorelin ipamorelin combined.

In rare cases, the following adverse effects may occur:

  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Hives
  • Itching
  • Flushing

Overall, it is a safe and effective treatment for aging-related health issues, as well as for promoting muscle growth and weight loss. If Sermorelin/Ipamorelin Blend Side Effects do occur, it is only in rare cases.

Sermorelin Ipamorelin Blend Reviews

Researchers are learning more about about the sermorelin + ipamorelin program therapy. So far, the results look promising. Between its effects on the heart and weight loss, the ipamorelin sermorelin stack is a popular choice among buyers for obvious reasons.

Naturally, scientists want to learn more about the structure of sermorelin together with ipamorelin and its effects on the human body. While there is more substantial research performed on animal subjects, we hope there will be an increase in clinical human trials.

If you want an honest and professional sermorelin ipamorelin review 2020, we highly recommend this blend. It is a potent potential treatment for a number of age-related health concerns such as heart disease, lack of energy, poor sleep, and loss of bone density. We recommend buying sermorelin ipamorelin blend for research purposes and to learn more about this promising duo.

If you want to find more sermorelin ipamorelin blend reviews, you can learn more online and in reddit forums.

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