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What is Semax Peptide: Functions, Benefits, and Side Effects

Semax is a peptide known for its nootropic and neurogenic properties. Developed in the 1980s and 90s by Russian scientists, the semax peptide has undergone numerous investigations within the country to understand its cognitive enhancing benefits better.

Semax nootropic is based on the molecular structure of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), and preliminary research in both humans and animals show several benefits and uses of semax.

Around the world, Semax is the basis for many drugs used in research for the treatment of CNS diseases, such as optic nerve atrophy, brain stroke, and dyscirculatory encephalopathy.

In addition to enhancing brain health, medical findings show that semax drug can also help in reducing anxiety, improving mood, and in boosting the immune system.

What is Peptide Semax?

Semax is a Russian experimental drug used for the prevention and treatment of cognitive and circulatory disorders. It is a synthetic peptide drug which has not been approved by the FDA for medical purposes but is considered a potent treatment for cognitive issues.

Deemed a nootropic, this cognitive-enhancing drug offers a number of effects and mechanisms that, while not extensively studied, look incredibly promising in terms of health benefits.

Apart from semax powder and semax injections, there are two other variations available to buy on the market: na-semax-amidate and n-acetyl.

To date, no extensive study exists about the two semax versions. From semax reviews, it seems that users think N Acetyl Semax peptide is more energizing, while Na Semax Amidate peptide is more effective for enhancing focus.

How Semax Works

The peptide semax upsurges brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels which help stimulate and control the birth of new neurons in the brain.

BDNF plays a role in neuroplasticity, which enables nerve cells in the brain to adapt to new situations. Essentially, it helps to aid the survival of existing neurons and promotes the growth and creation of new neurons and synapses.

Semax also reduces the breakdown of enkephalins, the chemicals involved in eliminating pain, inflammation, and cancer cell growth. Enkephalins also play a role in memory, emotional behaviour, learning, and pain.

Humans need balanced enkephalin levels in order to maintain healthy brain function. Semax treatment promotes the wellbeing of these chemicals to ensure the health of the brain.

Semax Benefits

There are a number of benefits of Semax peptide. Here are some of its potential benefits, as discovered by scientists.

  • Increased attention
  • Improved memory
  • May help in recovery from stroke
  • Improved Glaucoma Optic Neuropathy
  • Nootropic effects
  • Pain reliever
  • A possible treatment for ADHD
  • Neuroprotection

According to studies, semax health benefits also include improved blood circulation and oxidative damage protection. Let’s take a closer look at Semax effects on health.

Prevents Nerve and Brain Damage

Early evidence suggests[i] that Semax may help protect the brain from several types of stress and damage, such as inflammation, oxidative stress, and cardiovascular events.

According to one clinical trial in 100 patients[ii] recovering from a stroke, taking semax therapy reportedly increased the restoration of damaged brain functions. It specifically helped ease movement-related symptoms.

Another trial in approximately 200 people[iii] with lessened brain blood flow displayed overall reduced brain damage with the treatment of semax.

Multiple animal studies in rats show that semax reduces the extent of damage to brain tissue caused by strokes. In contrast, an additional animal study indicates that semax partially prevented oxidative damage to the brain of rats induced by toxic lead exposure.

While the studies look promising, more research is required in order to gain a deeper understanding of Semax. However, you can still find semax for sale online for research purposes only.

Improves Memory

Semax is often called a nootropic drug due to its cognitive enhancing abilities. Through increasing BDNF levels in the hippocampus – the brain’s center for memory and emotion – memory is enhanced. It can also help in retaining new information. BDNF stimulates the creation of neurogenesis, which helps improve brain function and processing.

According to a small Russian study in healthy male patients, Semax helped increase memory and attention during highly-demanding tasks. While the details of the study are not available in English, it is indeed a significant finding in the scientific world.

Meanwhile, another brain-imaging study indicates that Semax can increase neural activity in the default mode network. This is the region of the brain involved in memory and other cognitive functions.

While the evidence remains somewhat limited, many researchers believe that these beneficial effects of semax peptide are a result of improved brain circulation and resistance to oxidative stress. Other studies in animals display a rise in learning rates and exploratory behaviors in mice.

Eases ADHD Symptoms

Semax possesses effects that can help as a treatment for ADHD. Studies show[iv] that Semax improves memory, increases attention, and heightens levels of neurotransmitters which tend to be lower in ADHD patients.

In Russia, Semax is an effective alternative treatment for children with ADHD. Unfortunately, it is not currently legal to purchase for human use. You can only buy semax peptide if you are a licensed medical researcher.

Based on this early research, some scientists believe Semax as a treatment for ADHD should be legal. However, additional studies are needed in order to ensure their safety and efficiency in addressing ADHD symptoms.

Experts also need to address proper Semax dosage for ADHD patients. Momentarily, no reliable clinical data exists.

Enhances Blood Circulation

The prime risk factor for stroke is lack of blood circulation to the brain. This condition is known as cerebrovascular insufficiency. Clinical studies suggest that semax in stroke treatment offers positive results by improving blood flow to the brain.

What’s more, Semax prevents your heart growing if you have high blood pressure which protects you from developing any heart failure.

Relieves Pain

Cell-based studies suggest that seamy inhibits the metabolism of compounds called enkephalins which are involved in easing pain. Some researchers consider semax a pain reliever, but scientists need more research to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

When you experience pain, your brain releases enkephalins which dull the pain sensation. These neurotransmitters can also minimize the painful feelings that often accompany the pain.

Still, these compounds can only regulate pain for a certain amount of time. Semax prevents its breakdown and increases its production to boost pain relief properties.

Counteracts Stress

Stress is a result of numerous conditions such as sickness, physical injury, and lack of sleep. However, human bodies react differently to stress. For example, some bodies respond to stress by increasing liver enzymes production. According to studies, semax for depression decreased liver enzyme production when used during medical research on animal subjects.

The studies are early, but they do imply that semax for stress works effectively.

Several animal studies report that Semax prevents various frequent behavioural changes associated with some physical development stressors in rats. Still, the connection between rodent behaviors to human behaviors remains unclear.

Other studies show that semax may ease some of the biological changes related to elevated stress, such as high production of pro-inflammatory immune system cells called macrophages, and other harmful compounds. This also leads researchers to believe that semax may help protect organs such as the liver and the spleen against such damage.

It’s worth noting that the mechanisms of stress vary between mice and humans. In order to confirm whether these effects apply to humans as well, more research is needed. Nevertheless, the evidence so far regarding semax as a potential stress relief treatment looks promising.

Fights Depression

Low levels of BDNF lead to anxiety and depression. That’s because BDNF plays an important role in neurons survival, neuroplasticity, and cognitive development. Semax is proven to be a mood enhancer and an antidepressant. According to statistics, Semax increases BDNF production by up to 800%.

As a result, semax helps control and ease both depression and anxiety. Studies show how high bdnf levels improve depression. That’s because semax stimulates limbic system receptors to create serotonin, dopamine, adenosine, and histamine – all of which help ease symptoms of depression.

This increase of all neurotransmitters also boosts focus, motivation, and productivity. Overall, semax results look interesting and could in the near future be an effective treatment in the medical field.

What is Semax Nasal Spray?

Semax administration is given subcutaneously, intravenously, and sublingually. However, the different semax routes offer various benefits and drawbacks.

A popular product is semax peptide nasal spray which can reclaim neurological health in numerous mental health conditions.

According to scientific researchers, retrograde axonal and vagus nerve transport can deliver drugs to both the front and the back of the brain, while giving them less chance to go to other organs.

In spite of the research of intranasal treatment, reviews of semax will say that there is little benefit to intranasal administration of semax.

 Semax Side Effects

Is Semax safe? Scientists consider it safe. However, because it is an insufficiently-researched substance, they cannot confirm its full safety profile.

Currently, no reliable data is available about its potential long-term safety in human users. Scientists have carried out numerous studies on animals regarding this substance, but human studies are lacking. For this reason, those who take a drug such as Semax should be aware that it may come with unknown side effects.

Some potential side effects of Semax include dry mouth, nausea, drowsiness, and sweating. Semax hair loss is another common side effect of semax peptide. While these adverse effects are rare, human bodies react differently to different drugs.

Is Semax Legal?

Semax is legal, but the FDA does not approve it. For this reason, Semax is not legal to buy for human consumption. It is, however, legal to buy for research purposes. Semax studies are still in an early stage, which is why scientists cannot confirm the safety in humans.

Semax Review

Read semax reviews online, and you will see that this peptide yields some positive feedback. While its research may be lacking, Semax research peptide shows a great deal of promise in treating a myriad of health problems. From preventing strokes to easing depression, Semax benefits are too good to ignore.

Scientists are aware of its effectiveness in treating various health issues. However, more robust research will enable health experts to proceed with legalizing Semax as an over-the-counter medicine. Hopefully, in due time, it will become a legal peptide available to all. Currently, only licensed researchers can Semax buy.

Semax 2020 reviews show that this peptide offers a number of health and therapeutic benefits. Scroll down to find out where you can get Semax peptide online.

Where to Buy Semax Online?

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We always urge readers to do your research and read reviews about the Semax supplier before making the final payment. Not every Semax vendor is honest and reliable. You must make sure you are ordering Semax from a reputable provider.

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