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PT 141 is a melanocortin based peptide also known as Bremelanotide which has been shown to treat sexual dysfunction. According to research[i], the PT 141 peptide can have a substantial effect on both male and female libido, generating sexual arousal within minutes.

Bremelanotide peptide is being studied as an alternative to Viagra or Cialis. But studies show PT 141 effects also include increased energy levels and a natural tan.

While bremelanotide is currently being tested for treating sexual disorders, research proves it offers much more than that. The reason why PT 141 was halted by the FDA was because of slight increases in blood pressure of test patients and subjects.

What is PT 141?

PT 141 is developed from the Melanotan II peptide, originally tested as a sunless tanning agent. However, as research has progressed, Bremelanotide effects have also shown to cause sexual arousal and generate spontaneous erections in 9 out of the 10 male volunteer test subjects.

As per research, Melanotan II was initially produced to stimulate melanogenesis, the process of skin pigmentation. In addition to tanning, scientists discovered that this peptide could also suppress appetite and enhance libido.

A recent clinic trial tested the peptide on premenopausal women and it was shown to help with sexual arousal disorder.

How Does PT 141 Work?

As opposed to Viagra and other medications alike, peptide PT 141 does not act in the vascular system. Instead, it boosts sexual desire with the nervous system. By stimulating and activating the dopamine hormones — the lead role in sexual motivation — PT 141 can treat sexual dysfunction for both men and women.

Dopamine is a familiar compound in the body and a neurotransmitter that stimulates performance. In other words, when dopamine levels are low, so are libido levels. By activating the dopamine hormones, PT 141 can be an effective treatment for sexual dysfunction.

What are the Benefits of PT 141?

According to scientific studies[ii], PT 141 treats sexual dysfunction by increasing sexual desire.

A recent study among women showed that those who attempted sexual intercourse within 24 hours after PT 141 treatment profoundly increased their sexual arousal, compared to the placebo.

It has also been shown to have significant results on male test patients. Bremelanotide has provided both frequent and intense erections lasting anywhere from 2-6 hours.

As for female patients, sexual arousal has been experienced in a range of just minutes to weeks.

Why Use PT 141?

Scientific research shows from studies carried out on human patients that PT141 is effective in treating sexual dysfunction in men as well as sexual dysfunction in women.

Bremelanotide for sexual arousal has been shown by scientific research to be an effective treatment, so that is what PT 141 is most commonly known for. Some have even deemed it the “sex peptide.”

PT-141 as a female viagra[iii] is considered effective by researchers at it has been proven to rapidly increase libido and sexual performance in women. Recent studies show that around 43% of females in the United States experience little to no sexual satisfaction from orgasm. In fact, as little as 25% of the female US population achieve orgasm with intercourse.

PT-141 libido treatment is being studied profoundly for its role in enhancing sexual arousal and fulfillment. According to a study, more women reported high sexual desire following bremelanotide treatment as opposed to the placebo. And more were satisfied with their level of arousal following PT-141 usage following 24 hours of treatment.

But that’s not all PT 141 peptide can do. Thanks to the growing PT 141 research, scientists are understanding more and more about this peptide and what it can do. In addition to enhancing sexual arousal in both genders, PT 141 has also been shown to boost the immune system, promote bladder control, and even reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

According to new research, PT 141 benefits also include burning fat and calories, reducing stress levels, and lowering blood pressure. There’s also evidence that it tans the skin.

Other Benefits of Bremelanotide

PT 141 for Hemorrhage

PT-141 peptide is also being studied by researchers as a possible treatment for acute hemorrahage. When PT 141 binds to MC-1R and MC-4R, a new and modified version of the peptide reduced ischemia and protects tissues against the setting of hemorrhagic shock caused by inadequate blood supply.

PT 141 Against Infection

Scientific studies show that PT 141could be a possible alternative treatment for fungal infections due to its ability to activate MC-1R, a powerful possessor of anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

PT 141 Against Cancer

The MC-1R receptor is an overall crucial stimulus of DNA repair pathways. Thus, scientists believe such variants of PT-141 may have a future in treating specific cancers.

PT 141 Side Effects

Research on PT 141 emphasizes that the said peptide is perfectly safe. While it is prohibited against human usage, the ever growing research shows how effective PT 141 is at stimulating sexual arousal and treating sexual conditions. PT 141 therapy is certainly an effective futuristic possibility.

Like with all drugs, there are some side effects of PT 141.

Noting a 2016 study, out of approximately 300 women that used this drug, only a few experienced side effects such as nausea and vomiting.  Other possible side effects include headache, flushing and

Upper respiratory infection.

Where to Buy PT 141 Online?

Are you looking to buy PT 141? This peptide is for research purposes only and should not be ingested by humans. If you would like to buy Bremelanotide, try Research Peptides for the highest purity, USA manufactured peptides.


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