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DSIP Peptide Review and Where to Buy DSIP

Delta sleep-inducing peptide (DSIP) is a neuropeptide of natural origin that crosses the blood-brain barrier. DSIP peptide[i] is often associated with natural sleep, which is why researchers are investigating its effects on treating sleep disorders.

According to research, it also has a number of physiologic and endocrine roles such as lessening stress, stabilizing blood pressure, altering corticotropin levels, and reducing pain. Some scientists say that DSIP treatment could also play a future role in treating cancer and depression.

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What is Delta-Sleep Inducing Peptide?

DSIP is a well-known nonapeptide[ii] which has long been used for the treatment of poor sleep and stress-related conditions. For over 40 years, scientists have investigated the effects of DSIP on the human body and so far, the results look interesting and highly promising in the world of science.

DSIP deep sleep peptide also exhibits a potent stress protective action that lessens stress-induced metabolic disorders in humans and animals exposed to stress. Further research indicates it can also improve physical performance as well as hormone levels.

Synthesized in the pituitary, hypothalamus, and adrenal glands, DSIP possesses a sleep-activating function thanks to its ability to stimulate slow-wave sleep on animal subjects.

The peptide DSIP was first discovered in 1974 during a clinical study on rabbits. A group of Swiss scientists isolated delta sleep peptide from the cerebral venous blood of sleep-induced rabbits. For the following four decades, scientists continued to study this sleep peptide, both on animals and on humans.

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DSIP chemical structure. [PubMed]

Health Benefits of DSIP

There are a number of therapeutic DSIP benefits for health. From regulating sleep to easing chronic pain, let’s take a look at what it can do, as proven by research.


One of the major DSIP peptide benefits is its ability to promote and regulate sleep. According to scientists, it is a sleep-promoting substance, not a sedative. It also modulates sleep and wake functions rather than just sending you to sleep.

There are two main categories of sleep. One is called REM, and the other – NREM sleep. The former stands for Random Eye Movement and the latter means Non-Random Eye Movement sleep. Unlike many sleep aids which alter the duration of these sleep cycles, DSIP supplement does not affect these stages of sleep. Instead, it heightens the ability to fall asleep and promotes a better, deeper sleep.

Could this also suggest that it could be an effective treatment for insomnia? Possibly. Although scientists do need to continue carrying out extensive research to learn more about its effects on this sleep condition.

Research in human subjects shows that DSIP produces feelings of sleepiness and increases sleep time by almost 60%. These are significant findings.

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Standard curve of delta-sleep inducing peptide. [PubMed]

Blood Pressure

Clinical studies show that DSIP injection can elicit antihypertensive effects. A study on antihypertensive rats indicates that within 10 days of DSIP dosage, it maintained blood pressure at a certain level.


Studies demonstrate that high DSIP peptide dosage is associated with the secretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). When you have a healthy circadian rhythm, ACTH becomes high in the morning and reaches its lowest at night – normal levels. Meanwhile, other studies show that delta inducing sleep peptide can also decrease ACTH levels, promoting sleep.

Chronic Pain

Current medications like NSAIDs and opiates may be effective in the short term, but can have devastating side effects when used long-term. That’s why researchers are desperate to find an alternative analgesic which can treat chronic pain syndromes without accompanying bad side effects.

A small DSIP human study found that the peptide can significantly reduce pain perception and promote an overall feeling of wellbeing. The same study also discovered that DSIP therapy may be helpful in patients with a reliance on pain medications as it helps to eliminate withdrawal symptoms.

Research in rats shows that DSIP produces natural analgesic effects by acting on central opioid receptors. While scientists aren’t yet sure if these are direct or indirect effects, it’s clear that DSIP sleep peptide produces significant pain relief.

Muscle Growth

Scientists also speculate that DSIP injections can regulate and stimulate bone and muscle growth. In one study, researchers learned that delta sleep inducing peptide hormone inhibits somatostatin, a protein produced in muscle cells that prevents muscle growth. By impeding somatostatin, DSIP peptide contributes to muscle gain.

Cancer Prevention

While most cancer research focuses on curing the disease, a small segment of research are keen on learning how to prevent cancer from developing. The primary focus is on stimulating the immune system to seek out cancerous cells before they spread.

Studies carried out on mice suggest that DSIP usage exhibits powerful cancer prevention effects – more powerful than any other vaccine tested to this day. Female mice were given DSIP on five consecutive days each month at the age of 3 months until their death. Those given the treatment showed a 2.6-fold decrease in tumor development, as well as a 22.6% decrease in the frequency of defects in bone marrow.

DSIP Peptide Side Effects

IS DSIP safe to use? Currently, it is not legal to purchase for human consumption, as it isn’t approved by the FDA. However, scientists do consider it a safe product with a plethora of promising therapeutic benefits. Dsip peptide testosterone is considered a safe and practically side effect-free nonapeptide.

DSIP Peptide Review 2020

Clearly, delta-sleep inducing peptide offers a number of health benefits. However, it does require more research regarding its safety in order to be FDA approved.

If you want to learn more about this protein, you can find personal DSIP experiences on reddit and other online platforms. Mostly, researchers are keen on buying DSIP to investigate its effects on the human body.

Where to Buy DSIP

You can buy DSIP for educational and scientific research only. There are several online suppliers that offer DSIP for sale, but we recommend sticking with a well-established provider with over 10 years in business.

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