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BPC-157 is a synthetic peptide that is being extensively researched for its regenerative effects. The BPC157 peptide is a sequence of amino acids with a molecular formula of 98 hydrogens, 62 carbons, 22 oxygen atoms, and 16 nitrogens. BPC 157 sequence is: L-Valine, glycyl-L-alpha-glutamyl-L-prolyl-L-prolyl-L-prolylglycyl-L-lysyl-L-prolyl-L-alanyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-alanylglycyl-L-leucyl-; glycyl-L-alpha-glutamyl-L-prolyl-L-prolyl-L-prolylglycyllysyl-L-prolyl-L-alanyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-alanylglycyl-L-leucyl-L-valine.

Before you buy BPC-157 peptide, you should first understand a little more about how BPC-157 works and the benefits it offers. Scroll down to learn more about BPC-157 peptide.

What Is BPC 157 Peptide?

BPC is essentially a protein found in stomach acid. It was first discovered in the ‘90s and has since been synthetically produced as a 15-amino-acid-long fragment of the protein, known as: BPC-157.

According to studies[i], BPC is also known as “body protection compound” because of its therapeutic potential. While it is still currently against the law to purchase BPC-157 peptide for human consumption, scientists consider it a blueprint for a new class of healing drugs. However, research is still in the early stages.

While your body makes BPC naturally with the purpose of protecting and healing the gut, the modified version is highly concentrated. Consequently, peptide BPC-147 offers a high level of biological healing activity.

What Does BPC 157 Do?

Researchers have carried out several rodent studies on BPC-157 that indicate its protective effects on the stomach and intestinal tract. What’s more, scientists have found that BPC 157 health effects also include easing ulcers in the stomach, inflammatory disorders, bone and joint healing, and organ damage. There’s even some evidence that BPC 157 offers some influences on the brain. For instance, BPC-157 administration in rats alongside a damaging surgical procedure displayed the peptide’s protective effects.

According to scientific BPC 157 studies[ii], this research peptide promotes both muscle and tendon healing by initiating the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). That is why BPC 157 uses include healing cuts, wounds, and other damage in the body.

Additionally, BPC-157 can also influence neurotransmitter activity like dopamine and serotonin, making it a potential treatment for anxiety, depression, and seizures.

Lastly, BPC-157 results in the increase of nitric oxide (NO) production which lowers blood pressure and reduces the effects of high potassium levels.

Benefits of BPC 157

Peptide bpc-157 derives from a protein found in the stomach and is most often used to treat various stomach conditions and disorders. For instance, it can help treat ulcers, fistulas, and inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

However, that’s not all this peptide hormone is good for. BPC-157 effects also include weight loss, faster recovery, and an increase in muscle mass.

In a nutshell, here are the best BPC-157 benefits:

  • Increased muscle mass and muscle building rates
  • Enhanced metabolism and weight loss effects
  • Faster recovery from injuries and workouts
  • Improvements to memory and brain function
  • Reversal of opioid tolerance
  • Relief from certain allergies
  • Enhancement of GABA neurotransmission

Muscle Growth and Healing

BPC-157 for muscle building is one of its main benefits. But these results aren’t just theoretical. They are factual, as studies show.

A study carried out on rats with injuries in their Achilles tendons[iii] showed that BPC 157 injections helped their tendons heal almost fully. Control rats, on the other hand, didn’t make full recoveries.

An additional study discovered that bpc-157 peptide injections improved muscle healing in rats whose muscles had been crushed.

Stabilizing Blood Pressure

BPC-157 results also include balancing blood pressure. In rats with chemically induced high blood pressure[iv], BPC 157 treatment decreased blood pressure. Rats given L-arginine, which decreased blood pressure significantly, displayed increased blood pressure with BPC 157 injection.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatment

Both online and in published scientific studies, references state BPC 157 as safe and effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

According to a study of rats with IBS, bpc 157 supplementation decreased inflammation.

Healing Properties

In mice with burns, BPC 157 creams accelerated the healing process. A high bpc 157 dosage also increased the healing in rats simultaneously given corticosteroids.

Additionally, BPC 157 helped cuts heal in rats and in mice. Studies show that bpc 157 use also worked in diabetic rats. Because diabetes makes healing wounds in the body a slower process, this was a significant finding.

What’s more, BPC-157 injections also accelerated the healing of broken bones in rabbits.

An Antidepressant Treatment

Research shows that BPC-157 antidepressant qualities could make it an effective future treatment for patients.

According to an experimentation on rats, those rats with chronic stress displayed more mobility in a shorter period of time than with other medicinal drugs for depression.

Gut Health and Protection Against Ulcers

Studies show that injections of BPC 157 helped to heal stomach ulcers in rats. In addition, it protected the subjects’ intestines from damage as a result of toxins like alcohol. It also helped heal gastrointestinal fistulas.

As demonstrated by clinical trials, BPC 157 administration can reduce inflammation in rats with both arthritis and stomach ulcers. In subjects with an inflamed esophagus, this peptide also reduced the inflammation.

Joint and Knee Pain

Anecdotal evidence indicates that the use of BPC-157 powder or injection for several days or a week will significantly improve problematic joint issues.

Meanwhile, a recent study documents the peptide’s capacity for accelerating musculoskeletal soft tissue healing. It also counteracts the toxicity of NSAIDs such as Aspirin which is often used for pain relief.

Enhanced Sleep

Sleep quality (and quantity!) are crucial for the body to be able to recover and rebuild muscles following a tough workout or injury.

While not confirmed in scientific studies, self-examiner Lucas Aoun claims to have had the best sleep ever on BPC-157.

Of course, research on BPC-157’s effects on sleep needs to be investigated more thoroughly before it can be considered a sleep aid. However, the knowledge drawn from BPC 157 so far shows that it’s an effective treatment for a number of health issues. And one of those could be improved sleep.

Eye Injury Healer

According to a 2018 European study, BPC 157 impacts the rapid regaining of corneal transparency. Therefore, BPC 157 eye drops could be extremely effective for healing corneal injuries to the eye.

Liver Disease Preventer

Six studies emphasize BPC-157 effects on liver diseases and its ability to counteract a number of them. Another study established its hepatoprotective effects and concluded that BPC 157 medication for liver diseases could be a possible future reality.

Additionally, a 2019 animal study evaluated BPC 157 therapy and its effects on liver fibrosis. According to the study, the peptide decreased jaundice, paws, ears, snout, and yellow abdominal tegmentum in the fourth week.

Thus, scientists conclude that BPC 157 may counteract liver fibrosis and other liver-related conditions.

Is there a BPC 157 Cancer Risk?

While BPC-157 stimulates the growth of new blood vessels, which is useful in injury repair, it can be dangerous to people with cancer. Until now, no studies suggest a BPC 157 link to increased cancer. However, its ability to enhance blood vessel growth may potentially feed existing tumors and cause them to spread in the body.

Conversely, cancer patients suffering from muscle wasting may actually benefit from BPC 157 tablets or injections as it is known to decrease muscle wasting in cancer patients.

How to Store BPC 157

The best way to store BPC 157 peptide is by keeping it in the refrigerator. Keeping BPC cool will help extend its shelf life. Oral BPC 157 capsules do not need to be cooled, but they still need to be stored in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Is BPC 157 Legal?

BPC157 is a peptide with unique regenerative properties. BPC 157 studies in animal models show the promise of this peptide, but extensive clinical studies are still limited.

While BPC 157 is not currently included on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List, it isn’t legal to be purchased for human use. It is only legal to buy as a research peptide for research purposes.

BPC 157 Side Effects

According to research, there have been no reported side effects of BPC 157 peptide. Still, research is ongoing and it is important to remember that this is a research peptide only. It should not be taken for human use.

Scientists have so far learned that potential adverse effects include pain and redness, headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

Is BPC-157 safe? Scientists believe so.

BPC 157 Reviews

Overall, BPC 157 users report positive effects. Because BPC-157 can only be sold to licensed medical professionals for research purposes only, we cannot feature reviews on BPC 157 for personal use.

BPC-157 peptide reviews do show that this peptide can help heal injuries, sores, and inflammation. It can also improve the overall wellbeing of users.

While the price of BPC-157 isn’t the cheapest, it is considered a safe peptide with a host of benefits.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of research surrounding BPC-157 which is one of the reasons why you are not advised to buy BPC 157 peptide for human use.

BPC 157 Peptide for Sale

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